What we do

HTH three pillars of open source humanitarian innovation


We vet, gather and promote open technologies that are or could be used for humanitarian action and resilience by local actors worlwide.


We facilitate grassroots innovation of humanitarian tech by innovators worldwide in our collaborative Labs, for a continuous circle of open source impact.


We promote humanitarian policies & strategies to introduce sustainable tech solutions alongside commercial tools, to ensure lasting resilience.

How we do it

For HTH, ends and means are equally important

High Tech Humanitarians (HTH) aims to promote the adoption of global collaborative open technology approaches in the humanitarian sector. We believe that while technology is not by itself the solution, it is very often part of it. 

It is fundamental for humanitarian tools to be treated in the same way humanitarian projects are designed: Principled, Open, Collaborative, Human Centered, and Need-based. 

Starting from this idea, we call all like-minded organizations to support our intiative and contribute, share or subscribe to our Ethical Humanitarian Innovation Manifesto to stimulate a broad discussion on the future of appropriate humanitarian technology.

Our Values

At HTH, we believe that the lack of awareness about existing free tools is the primary obstacle in the struggle to give universal and equal access to life-saving and life-changing technological solutions. We believe in the following core principles as key for true and fair human-itarian development:

  • Openness;
  • Collaboration;
  • Transparency;
  • Equality;
  • Solidarity;
  • Shared Responsibility;
  • Personal Engagement.

Our Commitment

We are convinced that the potential for innovation is in everyone, everywhere. To unleash it, HTH developed the Labs where innovators can discuss, analyze, share, and develop solutions that are tailored around specific needs, and open to anyone else for use or improvement. 

We committ our efforts and capacities to continue supporting innovators in the quest for shared knowledge and humanitarian impact, working hard to scale up the solutions that people really need, instead of what we think they could use.


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