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Humanitarian Innovation: The State of the Art

This OCHA paper sets out to develop a common language and framework as a basis for dialogue, debate, and collaboration. Each section of the paper highlights an aspect of the concept: 1) the rise of humanitarian innovation and the innovation ecosystem; 2) the unique challenges of humanitarian innovation; 3) the innovation cycle in practice; 4) the role of crisis-affected people; and 5) advancing the debate.

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More than just luck: Innovation in humanitarian action

This ALNAP/ELRHA report tries to define and understand what successful innovation looks like in the humanitarian sector, through synthesised findings from 15 case studies. The central questions this report seeks to answer are: What does a successful humanitarian innovation process look like? What are the factors that enable success in innovation management in the humanitarian system?

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Refugee Innovation

This OXHIP report focuses on case studies of ‘bottom-up innovation’ among different refugee populations. Whether in the immediate aftermath of displacement or in long-term protracted situations, in both urban and rural areas, refugees frequently engage in innovation. Even where there are legal constraints on the right to work or freedom of movement, the capacity of refugee populations to engage in iterative problem-solving is nearly always evident.

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The Humanitarian R&D Imperative - How other sectors overcame impediments to innovation

This paper by Deloitte for the World Humanitarian Summit explores how innovation, and R&D as a driver for innovation, could potentially have a significant impact on the humanitarian sector. It analyses key impediments that prevents the sector from realizing the impact of R&D, and introduces solutions found by other sectors facing similar bottlenecks. 


Learning from Development

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Innovation for International Development

Experiences, insights and practical advice from more than 20 leading practitioners in innovation for international development, brought together in one collection.