What are the HTH Labs?

First things first

A free collaborative workspace

To develop your ideas with like-minded humanitarians, wherever they are.

A factory of open source innovation

Here thinkers meet, discuss, and develop new open technologies for mankind.

A cost-free innovative process

Because humanitarians shouldn't have to choose between innovation and programs.

A start-to-finish approach to development

Our community bring your ideas from design to prototyping, and further.

A purely humanitarian spirit

Humanitarian principles are everything: The ends never justify the means.

Covering open tech at 360o

A space to develop software, hardware, mechanics, frugal tech, 3D printing, engineering, architecture...

Ok, can I join and start a project?

Our HTH Labs are an open Beta project

As every open source project, our Labs are in continuous development and depend hugely from users participation and contribution to address issues and improve. Enter our Labs as simple user, explore them, and contact us to upgrade your status (for free) to manager level if you feel like starting a project. We will guide you and assist you!

Sign up now – find out how we can change humanitarian innovation together!

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Nice. But how will it work?

Still not clear?

We're working on a HTH Labs Handbook. Wanna help out? 

Join our HTH Labs Handbook project in the Labs! 

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Because there's no place better than this to develop your ideas. Plus, did we mention that access is free?

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