HTH Open Privacy Policy: A statement and an engagement

HTH is an open source platform and project organized under the auspices of a non-profit organisation whose ideals, goals and challenges are big and large. Our public mission also inspired our very permissive (non) privacy policy: Take our open privacy policy as a statement and an engagement.

Please assume that everything you contribute intentionally to HTH is public. This includes contact details on public lists, wikis, online discussions of all sorts, and software or documentation that you post to this platform. Of course any content marked as private or required only for registration purpose will not be shared unless you deliberately decide to.

Due to the academic model followed (source of inspiration for similar projects such as openMRS), which expects mutual personal respect, disclosure of interests and openness of expression, even your HTH profile is public information, unless you decide otherwise. This explains why at the time of signing up, your selection of certain options (such as stating to be an expert) trigger additional public information that would not be necessary otherwise.

Although what you disclose here is public, we are all limited by copyright and patent law in how we may use external contributions. Therefore, HTH only accepts voluntary contributions of software and documentation that are expressly licensed to HTH under an approved open source license, or under a clear and proven open source license. Although we defend the privacy and right of our members to express and share freely, any violation to this rule will be treated with all due severity: HTH is about creating and spreading open source culture, not about breaching copyright law.

Please also refer to HTH terms and conditions for further information. HTH welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy. Send them to