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Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit (Stephen Hawking’s assistive system)
Adjustable Rope Pump
An adjustable pipe system overcoming classic rope pump limitations
Bag Biogas Digester
A MIT developed biogas digester based on polyethylene plastic bags
Bamboo House
Improved earthen architecture practices to reduce water-related shelter disaster risk
Barcelona Warre Hive
A design originally developed in 1948 by the French Beekeeper Abbe Emil Warre
Aquaponics in a Barrel
Bicibomba Movil
A mobile bicycle water pump that fits on a bike and can be taken anywhere
Bicycle Blender
A common kitchen blender adapted to a converted bicycle
Bike Water Pump
A bicycle water pump to lift water from wells and boreholes
A 3D creation suite also used for design and medical purposes
A DIY mini-excavator
Camp Management Toolkit
Resources for practitioners working with displaced communities
CAWST Biosand Filter
Water Filtering for consumption, farming and agriculture.
CEB Press
A high-performance Compressed Earth Block press.
A Constituent Relationship Manager web-based software for advocacy
Clean­burning  Charcoal
Clean-burning, long-lasting charcoal from agricultural waste developed by the MIT
Cloth Sanitary Pads
Washable, reusable cloth menstrual pads
Colorado Top Bar
A modern adaption of the Kenyan Top Bar beehive
An evidence-based commodity management mobile platform
CommCare ODK
The Android version of CommCare, a commodity management mobile platform
Compact Biogas System
A compact biogas system using high calorie content waste to produce fuel
An operating system connecting microcontrollers to the web and among them
Corn Sheller
A simple hand-held device for removing the dried kernels from an ear of corn
The tiny DIY satellite design buildable for less than $60K
Cyborg Beast
A low-cost 3D-printed prosthetic hand
A robotic hand that offers much of the functionality of a human hand
A big scale health management information system
DIY Shutters
Do-it-yourself home protections from high speed winds
A data collection and analysis platform.
Donkey-drawn Water Harvesting
Donkey-drawn soil loosener and scoop
A planning, control, and analysis toolbox for nonlinear dynamical systems
An app to support decision-making, alerts and scheduling by Auxiliary Nurse-Midwives in rural India
An open-source Digital Microfluidic (DMF) automation system
A content management software to make websites and apps
East African Mud Stoves
A factsheet on the East African mud stove techniques